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Liu Hongming, born in August 1968 in Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province, doctor of management, researcher. Took part in the work in August 1990. He has successively served as the chief of achievements section, chief of planning section, deputy director of Party Committee Office, deputy director of United Front Department of Science and Technology Department of Nanjing Agricultural University, member of Standing Committee of the Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Province, director of publicity department, director of office, director of school Department, member of Standing Committee of Tongshan County, deputy county director in Jiangsu Province, President of Jiangsu Maritime Institute.

He is currently the party secretary of Jiangsu Maritime Institute and the dean of Academy of Applied Maritime Talents of the Belt and Road. He also holds the posts of vice president of navigation education research branch of China Communications Education Research Association, vice president of cruise Talents Training Alliance of Chinese institutions of higher learning, vice president of Jiangsu navigation society and vice president of Jiangsu Shipbuilding Engineering Society.

He has successively won the honorary titles such as advanced individual of Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province, outstanding contribution award for employment of national navigation graduates, China's navigation man of the moment, and two first prizes of teaching achievement award in Jiangsu Province, and one first prize of science and technology progress award of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

Presided over and participated in the soft science subject of Jiangsu Province: “Jiangsu's participation in the research on the status quo and countermeasures of technological innovation cooperation under Belt and Road”, Jiangsu Province philosophy and social sciences project: “Innovative research on ideological and political education of higher vocational college students guided by practice oriented education and Jiangsu provincial educational planning subject, Research on teaching quality monitoring and evaluation system in higher vocational colleges and more than 10 provincial subjects. He presided over the compilation of four books and teaching materials, such as “Spiritual navigation: mental health of college students”, “Successful sailing: a must for college students to enter school”, and published over 30 articles in core journals such as China Youth Research, Jiangsu Higher Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Education and Occupation, etc.


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