Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Projects of Our School Have Been Checked and Accepted

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Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued the Notice on Announcement of the Third Batch of Pilot Acceptance Results of Modern Apprenticeship. As one institute implementing partial projects of  national modern apprenticeship of the third batch, our school successfully passed the acceptance test of the Ministry of Education.

In 2018, our school took the training of Excellent Seafarers Modern Apprenticeship as the breakthrough and was successfully selected into the institutes implementing the modern apprenticeship pilot projects of the third batch by the Ministry of Education. The projects have covered three key majors in the school, including Navigation Technology, Marine Engineering Technology, and Ship Electronic and Electrical Technology.

Under the guidance of the Maritime Safety Administration of Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China and with the direct participation of the Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration, our school has successfully promoted an industry-assisted Dual System Education of School-Enterprise, defined the dual identities of pilot students as student and apprentice, and realized the integration of enrollment and employment, and the integration of school-enterprise education.

In the past three years, both our school and enterprises have actively engaged in exploration and continuous practice of modern apprenticeship pilot projects and have achieved fruitful results. A total of 485 students (apprentices) have been trained, achieving the vocational education goal of targeted supply.


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